Great Pest Control Tips For Your Home

Homeowners find pests to be annoying. Pests can invade any home. There are many options for you when controlling pests. The following article will give you some great ideas to help rid your home of unwanted pests.

Fruit Flies

Do fruit flies continue to invade your space after you thought you had taken care of the situation? They may be living in your sink drains. Use plastic wrapping on your drain for just a few days. If you see some, the next step is to pour boiling water down it and scrub the drain thoroughly. Doing this should get rid of the fruit flies completely.

TIP! Begin your pest control from ground zero. When you have problems with pests, be sure you are not providing them with food.

Have a problem with bees, wasps, or hornets in your home? If so, then try spraying them with hairspray. There are numerous chemicals in hairspray that will not only kill insects, but repel them as well.

Check local codes to ensure that you use approved pest treatments. If you are trying to sell your house, you might not want to spray pesticides that are illegal. It should motivate you to find out the right pest control methods.

TIP! If you are dealing with bedbugs, be wary. Bedbugs can go upwards of a year without any food.

Make sure that your screens are fully functional at all times. These also help eliminate pesky crawling bugs. If you find holes in the screens, make repairs to keep the bugs out.

Fleas are a notoriously hard problem to solve. You can do a number of things to battle this problem, however. It is important to vacuum your home as much as you can to create a clean foundation. Also, throw away the bag when you are finished vacuuming to rid them for good.

TIP! Get rid of the standing water around your home. This can be a big problem if you have pests.

Check your plumbing to control your indoor pests. Check drains and sinks for any clogging. Any buildup can attract flies and roaches that are looking for a meal. After you have cleared the drains, check them every month.

Are you finding rodents in your home? Walk around the perimeter of your home and try to locate small cracks that might be allowing pests inside. If you notice cracks, then fill them with scouring pads or put poison in them. You could also try repellents with a strong aroma, such as strong oils.

Steel Wool

Use steel wool to plug up mouse holes in your home. When the mice nibble on the steel wool, they will die from eating it. Therefore, use wood putty that is mixed with a little steel wool in order to prevent rodents from coming in your home.

TIP! When battling mice near your home, try mint. Plant mint outside around your home’s foundation.

Try to learn everything possible about the pests that you are trying to kill. Know the particulars about it, like what it eats and its life cycle. Knowledge is power, and knowing your enemy will make your plan of attack more effective.

One deterrent to cockroaches is a lack of food, so make sure it is all safely sealed away. Cutting off their food supply will help you eliminate roaches. Cockroaches will eat all types of food and grow their colony. Be sure baking supplies are all safely stored in sealed canisters especially made for sugar and flour storage.

TIP! If you have a pile of recyclables you keep each week, be sure you rinse them out. One specific item that is very important to thoroughly rinse and clean is soda cans with a high amount of sugar.

Application of pesticide is a technique that you may want to look into if you have issues with pests. By spraying your exterior only, you may be trapping bugs inside the house. When spraying outside your home, also spray inside your home.

If you are going to tackle a wasp nest or a bee hive, wait until the sun goes down. Homeowners can remove these hives alone using spray foam from a hardware shop. You can spray these foams from safe distances. Beehives are best dealt with at night, as the bees are less active than they are during the day. Check the hive for two days, and then spray again if you need to. Wait until all the insects are dead before removing the hive.

TIP! Although some areas of your house may look normal, check them anyway. If you have a basement, for example, you might have a subterranean termite infestation and not even know it.

If you notice spiders or spider webs in your home, you probably have a pest problem. Dust and vacuum very often to eliminate some issues. You’ll see fewer spiders as you start to get rid of the insects they feed on in your home.

Follow the instructions on pesticides carefully and thoroughly. Neglecting to follow directions will usually result in ineffective pest control. For instance, if they instruct you to apply it every day, be sure you do so. Following directions ensures fast results.

TIP! Carpenter ants are usually the symptoms leading to a much larger problem. Since they just feed on wet wood, your home may have leaks, or worse, rotting wood.

Try not to plant flowers and bushes too close to your home. Tiles really work great at deterring pests from invading your home. If you don’t fear bugs entering, you can keep the windows open more easily.

If you have a professional install stations to bait mice, make sure you find out where they are placed. Your pets should not have access to any areas where these stations have been placed. Poison from these bait stations can possibly harm or kill your pet.

TIP! If you have termites, get a good termiticide. Two types of this exist: termiticides that repel insects and those that kill them.

Try focusing on your yard if you have found you have a rodent problem. Make sure it is an uncomfortable place for those animals to hang out. Destroy all weeds and any other type of clumped up bushes where rodents can reside in. Keep your grass length short, and be sure to get secure lid trash cans. Doing these things will keep rodents at bay.

The best remedies for controlling houseflies are usually the old ideas. Sticky strips and fly swatters are effective. They also don’t contain harmful chemicals. Only use sprays when you can follow the specific instructions for safe usage around humans and pets.

TIP! Old-fashioned ideas still work well for ridding your home of houseflies. Sticky tape and fly swatters are effective in killing them.

If you’re contemplating hiring a professional exterminator, make sure to check them out first. You’ll also want to check to see that they have all the proper licences. Also, all reputable pest control companies are bonded and have insurance. Ask to see this documentation prior to them entering your home.

Pest control involves using the right approach to your specific problem. Remember to evaluate the possible health risks of pesticides before using any product. As important as it is to eliminate pests, it is equally important that your family is not at risk.