Pest Control Made Easy For Your Household

When dealing with pests, not all solutions work for all situations. So it is important that you educate yourself on the various methods of fighting this problem. Fortunately, there is a great deal of information below that will get you where you need to be.

Steel Wool

Use steel wool to fill up any hole that any pest is using as an entrance. Although rodents can chew through many different kinds of materials, this steel wool is too tough for them. All openings bigger than a quarter inch need to be stuffed. Animals can get through very small openings.

TIP! If you would like to figure out if you have termites, have a dog with training sniff for them, instead of just a human. A human can be effective, but not as effective as a dog.

If brown recluse spiders have invaded your home, catch them with some sticky traps. Such poisonous specimens hide easily and can be tough to kill with chemicals. The will come out during the night to look for food. Key areas for placing traps are behind furniture and on walls.

It is very difficult to get rid of bedbugs. Bed bugs do not have to eat for a whole year. This is the reason why you have to make sure any holes in walls or doors are sealed. Bedbugs will disappear if they have nowhere to hide.

TIP! Get rid of the standing water around your home. Pests can literally sense standing water.

Bedbugs are a pain to rid your home of, as they are proficient at hiding. Before doing any extermination, make sure you close any open holes. This will not only trap the bed bugs from escaping back into your bed, it will also prevent them from hiding there in the future.

Sealing cracks in your home is important when trying to rid your house of pests. Insects, and even small rodents, will use these cracks to get into your home, no matter how small these cracks are. Seal these cracks and place some orange oil or poison to keep the pest away.

TIP! Leaks in the water system must be repaired. Pests are drawn to water sources.

You need to check your whole house, even if many areas usually don’t show signs of pests. Subterranean termites can cause a lot of damage before you see any signs of their existence. Get basements and crawl spaces checked out.

Flying Insects

TIP! If you want to recycle your garbage, you should take the time to rinse food containers. Specifically watch out for soda cans, as the sugars in sodas attract many different pests.

Hairspray is surprising effective at dealing with flying insects. It is safe for humans and pets, but not so much for flying insects. The hairspray creates a sticky barrier that prevents them from getting nourishment. This is a good option for insects you don’t want to get close to.

It is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the pest you want to eliminate from your home. Know about its life cycle, what it eats, what it likes and doesn’t like, etc. It will be easier to eliminate pests if you know which methods will be efficient.

TIP! Many people having difficulties can start solving their problems by taking one little piece of advice. Use the expertise of the pros at your local home-improvement store.

In regard to food, cover it properly to keep any pests away. Glass containers and plastic containers are great if they have lids to be sealed with. Don’t use paper bags or cardboard, because pests can chew through those things.

If you have a cockroach problem, keep all food in sealed containers. A paperclip will not solve the issue, as cockroaches will still be attracted to the smell. Any food source can attract cockroaches. Put your baking supplies in containers with a tight seal as well.

TIP! If trees fall in the yard, clear the debris promptly. All you have to do is chop up the tree and burn it.

Here’s a great trick to rid your home of silverfish. Leave a wet newspaper out while you sleep at night. Silverfish tend to congregate in the damp newspaper. Many people have found this tip helpful. Quickly father them before they get away and throw them away outside.

Read the directions on pesticides very carefully and follow them well. If you use them incorrectly, you may not get your desired results. For instance, if a daily application is called for, don’t skip applications. Otherwise, you may experience a substantial delay in your ultimate results.

TIP! Are rodents coming into your home? Search for small cracks that these small pests can squeeze through. Fill cracks with clean scouring pads and/or place a small amount of rat poison in there.

Keep flowers at a distance from your home’s entrance. Ideally, covering the area around the perimeter of your house can help keep rodents and insects at bay. You could have your windows left open if you weren’t worried about bugs coming inside.

Use some termiticide to kill termites. Two types of this exist: termiticides that repel insects and those that kill them. Either one that you use will need to be spread around your home, including the foundation. It may take a lot of termiticide to be effective, perhaps over 100 gallons.

TIP! Plastic containers make great storage items. Lots of these products are sold in boxes or bags, which can be easily breached by pests.

When you find wood damage and think it might be termites, investigate the annual rings in the wood. If you see damage to the rings, then you probably do not have termites because termites eat only the softer center of the wood and not the rings. You won’t have an easy time of it if they are still intact!

Mustard oil can be used to repel a raccoon if it decides to try and live where you’re living. Douse its living spot with oil, then determine how it got into your home in the first place. When it is not there, cover the hole with wire.

TIP! Hairspray can be used to kill flying insects. Your pets can tolerate this treatment, while the pests find it lethal.

With so much information at your disposal, you are now better prepared to tackle your pest problem. Use what you have learned above to easily get rid of pests. You will be pleased to become pest free.